My name is Miles and I'm a creator. I'm passionate about developing new skills and techniques and expanding my range: from art to business, television to radio. I'm continuing on a path to better my surroundings and leave the world a better place than when I entered it. I have three realms of expertise in creating: traditional, 3D modeling/printing and multimedia; with a focus on photography, music, laser cutting/engraving, filmmaking and editing. I am always willing to broaden my perspective as well those around me and refine my craft.

  • Student at the Columbus College of Art and Design, majoring in illustration

  • Alumni from Fort Hayes, a creative arts high school

  • Received a 4 in AP Art

  • Alumni from Fort Hayes technical career center: Art Portfoilo 

  • Frequent user of Surge Columbus creative resources at YouMedia and COSI tech lab 

  • Graduated scholar of the Cosi Science Academy 

  • Part-Time creative mentor at YouMedia

Awards & Nominations: